Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Deluxe Soundwave

I don't know what it was, but when the Olympics started, I started getting a hankering for Transformers.

The newest cartoon series, Transformers: Prime, was out on Netflix, so I'd say I watched the whole 3 seasons and the movie finale inside, eh, about a month. It's solid entertainment. I was huge, huge, huge into the talking robots back in high school. I still have kilograms of the toys back home. And here are a few grams more.

 photo IMG1609_zpspah6k5qd.jpg

This is Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Deluxe Soundwave. I got him at retail (12.99) from Amazon. This iteration of the character actually never appears in the cartoon, it's just that the cartoon iteration is already double the price of this guy. So I settled.

Soundwave takes the form of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

 photo IMG1615_zpsrxanje47.jpg

Just look at him! Imagine him stalking the sky, like some vast, predatory bird. For a deluxe class figure he has an impressive wingspan. He looks great in UAV mode, but he actually doesn't hold together all that well. Those black bits representing the nose of his vehicle are rubbery bits, and barely keep themselves together. Even worse are his wings, which barely notch into the side of the vehicle.

 photo IMG1619_zpspkjbxcic.jpg

Check out his butt. He was cloistered inside his packaging so much that his rubber fins have warped out of shape. . .

 photo IMG1614_zpsvexnqenr.jpg

Here's his underside. You can kind of tell it's a robot under there, but it's not like the UAV has a robot hugging its bottom. Pretty good as airplane transformers go.

 photo IMG1622_zps9i6rsotv.jpg

. . . Then you have his robot mode. The robot mode is based on the design from the Michael Bay series, where Soundwave was a satellite instead. In the Prime cartoon, Soundwave was a mute character, so this figure certainly sells me on that trait.

I'm not too fond of the robot mode. The leg articulation is poor and the arms are floppy. There's not much you can do with him. Otherwise, this robot mode sells me on the animated series character design.

He also comes with a Ravage figure, which comes in brown and black.
 photo IMG1628_zpsf6venf0d.jpg

He also comes with a "Talon Grapple Cannon," which has a very strong spring. Plus, the projectile has a string attached to boot, so I'll never lose it! Win-win.

 photo IMG1626_zpsvav30rsu.jpg

Here's a close-up on Soundwave. In terms of the aesthetics, this figure nails it, but as for everything else, he's pretty lacking.
 photo IMG1630_zps15slvpl3.jpg

His joints don't hold together, the airplane pieces barely hold together. If he were a Voyager figure, I think he'd hold up a lot better.

I'm going to be keeping him in UAV mode. That's a sick wingspan.

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