Transformers Prime: Weaponizer Optimus Prime

The Weaponizer size class is apparently the new Leader class of the Prime toyline, so I ended up snagging him for $15 off retail at Amazon (eg, $25).

 photo IMG1661_zps2wof0t3g.jpg

He has a great-looking truck mode. It rolls nicely and stays solid. . . The back could look better. It's pretty hollow, and you can see the robot chest in the back.

The truck has another "mode." Press the trigger on top of his windvane, open up the grille and a pair of spinning gatling cannons pop up.

 photo IMG1652_zpsj1exppwr.jpg

It's still a gimmick in robot mode, and rests on his shoulders. It' just that the red panels are still sticking all the way out of his shoulders.

In summary, he has really great-looking modes, as a truck and a robot. His transformation design is mediocre, and he suffers from hollow legs, poor articulation and a big backpack. I don't recommend him as a transformer. Sorry Prime.

 photo IMG1606-1_zpsutm1n1vw.jpg


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