Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Deluxe Autobot Ratchet

"Hoo-ah!" That was the catch phrase for Ratchet in the "Stronger, Faster" episode of Transformers: Animated. Ratchet, normally the grumpy homebody that stayed at Autobot HQ and manned the ground bridge, took a more proactive approach after injecting himself with a self-made synthetic form of energon. He kicked 'con in that episode.

His depiction in the cartoon and the voice acting was enough for the character to grow on me. I've never had a Ratchet figure before, but this week I got Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Autobot Ratchet.
 photo 91fQSEl0uJL_SL1500__zps1322c6d3.jpg
And you might as well call him Dinobot Ratchet. This figure is an extensive redeco of the original, more cartoon-accurate mold for Ratchet. It's just that the original mold already has an inflated price, so I went ahead with Dinobot Ratchet here. The mold is an homage to the Dinobot figures from the Beast Wars toyline in aesthetic. For example, you have the monocle from the Dinobot II mold, and the "Dragonshredder Drill" is an homage to the T-rex tail weapon from the Dinobot mold.

 photo IMG1676_zpsrl3t1s51.jpg

It's a pretty nifty robot mode. Light piping is pretty sweet for his one eye, and he has some great articulation. His waist swivels, his neck swivels and he has standard articulation in his limbs. He's what I love about Deluxe figures; they don't have heavy pieces to lug around, and they can use simple joints to maximize their articulation.
 photo IMG1679-1_zpsftyjsis8.jpg
He can hold the Drill in a few different ways: on his arm, in his hand, in his hand while swiveling his wrist, so there's some play value in there. Click the trigger on the drill and you can spin it around. I wouldn't call his transformation the best. It's not inspiring, but it'll get you from one form to the other. I don't mind it. He transformers into a re-purposed emergency SUV, with a bunch of dino-bits on the side for optimized Beast Hunting:
 photo IMG1680_zpsed7c609b.jpg
Not too bad. Once you've got it transformed, it holds together fine, and Ratchet actually rolls very nicely! You'll get a lot of mileage out of rolling him around. There's a huge split on his hood, which you just have to learn to ignore, and the undercarriage of the car does a good job of hiding the robot that's inside:
 photo IMG1681-1_zps4ea235d7.jpg

Don't get this guy for the transformation. But if you did get him, you'd be pretty happy with the robot mode and car mode.

Bonus photo: "This won't hurt. . . much. . ."
 photo IMG1673_zps0uzhntxm.jpg

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