Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Voyager Shockwave

Up next we have the Decpticon's master planner, Shockwave. He retails as a regular Voyager ($19.99), and I think that's about how much I paid for the thing.

Shockwave is the kind of character whose design barely changes from series to series. I think since he was in Transformers Armada he's been a tank kind of figure, and since he does his work from Cybertron, Hasbro has free rein over his design, because they don't need to make it look realistic.
 photo IMG1826_zps63f010ce.jpg

This iteration he's a Cybertronian H-tank, with these huge front claws for tanks. With the beast bits, he's like a warthog with a Hyperflux cannon on its back! There's a button on the cannon that spins the cannon around and exposes the core. It's pretty neat.
 photo IMG1806_zpsj3nzi7um.jpg

The gimmick exists in both modes, and transformation is mediocre. The pegs barely hold together and you need to fiddle with it in order for the wheels to actually make contact with the ground. He holds a little bit better in robot mode, and his articulation is almost average. His rear tread connects into his cannon as a power source, so that's a nice touch.

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