I'm beginning to sense a theme here

bring it, Manhunter

bring it, Doc Ock

bring it, johnny barracuda

bring it, Mr. Rictus

bring it, spidey

I am re-adjusting back at university, and courses feel denser than ever. Hopefully, that won't stop me from blogging, but you've probably seen how it's affected the blogging schedule! I will try to keep up a "regular" "schedule" of Monday = trade reviews, Wednesday = weeklies, Friday = whatever I feel like.


I know, who reads this anyways, but it's only fair to do this.

That said, I am totally looking forward to this week's "Faces of Evil" issue in Detective Comics, by Dini and Nguyen.

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Sea_of_Green said...

Hey, *I* read it!

Post when you can. Studies, alas, ARE more important. :-\

Stats a-go-go