Dark Avengers #3 and 4: There is no Void!

Dark Avengers is becoming a friendly neighborhood fan-favorite here, a lot like the Thunderbolts, and it's for the same reason too: it's just a bunch of bad people who are superheroes who really shouldn't be superheroes.

I love that kinda crap, mostly because there's so much black humor in the titles. You see Osborn parading gallantly in red, white and blue armor in one panel, and in the next panel BAM! he's slamming some poor schmo's face into a tabletop. Hah.

Ever since he saved the world, he's been given charge of its new defenses, including the Dark Avengers, and hey are just a fantastic team.

Dark Avengers #3
by Brian Bendis and Mike Deodato

Even though it cost 3.99, this comic book was pretty awesome. Morgana le Fay casts a bunch of spells on Dr. Doom and sets the entire Avengers into chaos here.
hellllp meeeeeee!

Now that's what I call teamwork! In the meantime, Norman Osborn and V. Von Doom, Ph. D, run away and try to travel back in time to get back at her. All in all, these guys suck at being superheroes.

Strangely enough, the issue opens with a flashback: Osborn undergoes some talk therapy with the Sentry, and tries to help Sentry out with his secondary "The Void" identity. It almost, maybe, kind of. . . . makes Osborn out to be a good, compassionate, caring guy?
there IS no void. THERE is no void. There is NO void.

com-compassio -- whoa! Had a little head rush there. Better just finish this up. Dark Avengers #3 was pretty awesome. . .
. . . and no. It wasn't just because Ridley, Captain of the Space Pirates had a supercool cameo.

Dark Avengers #4
by Brian Bendis and Mike Deodato

The Morgana le Fay arc concludes here, and this comic book still costs way too much, but it's just so freakin' awesome.

Dark Avengers #4 is SUCH a comic book. Dr. Doom lays the smackdown and casts a spell that forces Morgana back into time -- to 1,000,000 BC in fact!

And after that, Professor V.V. Doom uses the freakin' Cosmic Cube to pull his castle from a different time and erect it on the ashes of his old one.
Because Doom is pimpin' like that.

There are some great lines that really reveal the team dynamic between the Dark Avengers.
Mac and Bull

There is so much snark between everyone on this team! I love it.
Psychotic murderer

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