Cover to Cover: Christmas day

Normally, I'd go over the other comic this week (which was Birds of Prey #113), but I think I'll let it seep for now.

My local library got in the latest Wonder Woman graphic novel, so I thought I'd look that over with you.

collecting Wonder Woman #6-10, pens: Jodi Picoult, pencils: Drew Johnson, Terry Dodson, Paco Diaz
It wasn't so good, all things considered.

Cameos by Catwoman and Black Canary are pretty empty. Wonder Woman's sidekick is incredibly immature. What drives the book is Circe resurfacing and resurrecting Hippolyta. Okay, I can believe that.

I definitely don't dig how you get the Dodsons' art on issues 8 and 9 and then WHAM! you get this mediocre Paco Diaz stuff.

From this:

to this?

But the real problem is this:
The book is nothing but a tie-in to another event! Wotta rip-off!

So that's five issues for 20 bucks, and the issues don't even resolve themselves?

Yeah, I suggest you stay clear away from this.

But, to prove I'm not THAT much of a scrooge, here're some highlights from the book. They're all from the sixth or seventh issue, and they're all about Wonder Woman trying to adjust to "Man's World."


All kidding aside, I guess I'll look at that Birds of Prey #113 now.
Frankly, I'm afraid. Look at the cover. It has Misfit looking despairingly. Misfit.
It looks like McKeever's turning them to a grimmer direction, and I don't really want to see them go there. Dark books aren't my cup of tea.
Here's the solicit for next ish:Stalking? Obsession? Drunkenness? I'm a little worried.

It looks like we won't see anymore of this:

In other news:Happy holidays to you and yours from chezkevin!

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