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Green Lantern was a much-heralded comic book movie for the summer, and DC's only response to Marvel's 4 or so blockbusters. I was totally hyped when San Diego Comic-Con premiered this trailer, and I was rooting for it. A lot of money was on Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to pull off the Emerald Avenger, and in my opinion, it didn't work.

Ryan Reynolds was supposed to be great as Hal Jordan. Unfortunately, he comes off as a guy who receives a great gift without having done anything to deserve it. He refuses the responsibility that comes with it, then has an odd change of heart that is barely developed -- then he somehow saves the day, and gets the girl. It's standard super hero fare that has little depth to it.

What makes it unique is the special effects. When Hal Jordan receives the ring, he's coated in a green sheen, as are all the corps on Oa, the planet that houses the Green Lanterns of every sector of the universe. Parallax serves as a mindless villain, as well as scientist Hector Hammond. Hector is a bit more carefully crafted; he's played up as a foil to Hal, both of whom had a difficult father-son relationship, except Hector's has more flesh to it.

All in all, I am disappointed with the Green Lantern movie. The comic books have been doing incredibly, and the movie did not meet that standard. Sinestro was the one character who felt real to me, because he was persistent in tracking Parallax, while Hal meandered his way to defeating a galactic threat and getting the girl. I think the movie could have been improved by putting a new emphasis on the Green Lantern Corps., not the one actor of Hal Jordan, but then again, I'm just a fan, not a director =/.

By Odin's Mangy Beard, it's -- A Summer of Comics!

Today's post is reblogged from our sister site, This has been post-dated to coincide with the post date of the original, which was June 27th, 2011. - Kevin, January 31st, 2012

Hah! It's been too long since we chatted, LJ. Birthdays have gone by; weddings even -- funerals! So I'm taking the initiative and hitting you up again. We'll do some catching up on our lives and everything, but I want to start the summer off right, and that's with a bang!

It is the comic book nerd's summer as movies are released like rapid-fire for the sequential art books. The first one I'll do is -- The Mighty Thor! I watched the film in cinematic 2D and I had a blast. It's a great movie, but well, I'm a comic book fan, and it isn't a great comic book movie. What I mean by that is, it doesn't make me wanna read any more Thor comics.

The story gives some background on the colorful kingdom of Asgard, and then kicks it off as Odin sends his arrogant son, Thor, to Earth to learn some humility. Hilarity ensues when Thor awakes as a fish out of water. Natalie Portman plays Jane Foster, an astrophysicist who discovers Thor with her quirky assistant. Over the course of the film, Thor adjusts to Earth as Donald Blake and, in a rushed but believable ending, learns humility. Loki is played realistically and sympathetically as the "villain" of the story. You get the sense that, even when he disrupts all order in Asgard, Loki is still trying to garner the love of his father.

As one of Marvel's True Believers, I loved the Easter eggs in the film. Keen viewers will catch Stan Lee, as well as a Hawkeye cameo. The Destroyer Armor also appears as an enemy and a crucial part of Thor lore. There's a great scene after the credits, but, aherm, you didn't hear that from me.

It isn't overburdened by the cg, and there's a great balance between Asgard scenes and Midgard scenes. Humor comes off great, and there's plenty of explosions. If you're looking for a popcorn flick, look no further. I don't think it'll get you into the comics, but it'll sure give you the key facts.

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