Batman and Cheerios: the Dynamic Duo!

Gosh, I'm so sorry that I didn't get a Friday post in this week guys. Friday is usually a weak day for me, because I'm so burnt out from reading and trying to present myself as a normal human being. And then today, I had to do this crazy information meeting, and apparently I'm a little annoying when I get up so early on the weekends to my roommate, and then I have to try to make sure I can make it to all these experiments that I can't even --

HOLY CRAP! Is that Lego Batman?

lego batman toys

It's the Lego Batman Happy Meal Toys from Mcdonald's!

There was actually a Lego Batman figure offered as a happy meal toy, and I asked the cashier if she could check, but there weren't any. These two are all the ones I have =(.

But check out this Lego Penguin!

lego batman toys

You can rotate him around his cockpit, and if you push him left or right, you'll shoot out the corresponding Penguin Torpedo.


I can just imagine this guy racing towards me, quacking maniacally and then waddlng left and right for no apparent reason.


batman cheerios

I also got these Cheerios a while ago that have a Batman disc launcher. There're like, 4 different ones, but I only have one =(.

I hate how the prize was separate from the cereal. It's better if it's embedded aaall the way inside the bottom of the cereal, 'cause that gives you a sense of accomplishment.

I dunno. Toys make me feel better. I hope you got something out of today's effort.


Joyce said...

Yay! Honey Nut Cheerios! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one in the house that eats Honey Nut Cheerios. Or did you just get it for Batman?

***Cass said...

Have you seen the milk ads?
Pretty soon, Batman will be all over condoms, with a stay safe, don't do catwoman button.

Kevin T. said...

Hey, uh, Cheerios are actually one of the few cereals that don't exceed the healthiness threshold for sugar. Or something.


And hey cassie, those are some awesome condoms, and I'd TOTALLY get 'em. Not that I'm getting any, uh, action, but I could at least hold it and look at it proudly right?

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