I'm in the middle of a dry period, and I apologize. The blog isn't in very good shape, but I have some backlog posts in here somewhere, so hopefully we'll get to those.

Oh, here's one:

This is from the "One Year Later" arc that the title underwent, in which Black Canary and Lady Shiva exchanged lives. Black Canary went to the training that Shiva was subjected to, while Lady Shiva was an official Bird of Prey!

I love this scene so much, because it foreshadows the relationship between Sin and Dinah, and it represents a HUGE change that'll happen to Dinah -- her adopting Sin!

ADDITIONALLY: Sin is cute.


***Cass said...

I totally agree! SIN WAS SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I could've just grabbed her off the page and squeezed her......but y'know, don't wanna crumple my backissues. Why did evil DC have to get rid of her??? WHY WHY WHY

Kevin T. said...

But see Cassie, there's the rub!

This means Winick can't get his dirty, dirty hands on Sin.

One more issue of GA/BC, and then it's readable again! Who knows, maybe we'll get to visit Sin in that monastery that Ollie whisked her off to?

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