Zinda Blake shows us. . .

. . . How To Fight Like a Blackhawk -- And Win! (1st edition)

Got a particular bully who's constantly gunning you down in his fighter jet? Or maybe you have an assassin hunting you down, because you're in cohorts with the Oracle?

Well you can stop tossing around in your bed at 3AM out of the worry that someone will send a squirrel to your bed exceptthesquirrelisactuallyamechanizedmini-atomicbombandyoublowup?
Worry no more! Here are some pointers for how you can take flight with the likes of Lady Blackhawk!

Pointer One: Insult your foe to lower his defenses!

lady blackhawk

Pointer Two: Anything can be a weapon! Be creative in the art of war! 

lady blackhawk kriish

Pointer Three: Don't just throw your fists! Use your head in the thick of battle!

lady blachawk full tank

And above all, when you win, make sure to get in a --

lady blackhawk hawkaaaaa!

So get out there, and do Zinda proud!


Sea_of_Green said...

I still think Zinda and Hal Jordan were made for each other. I really, really do. :-)

Kevin T. said...

They could be each other's "wingman/woman"!

And Zinda could yell "Hawkaaaa!" as Hal Jordan gets hit on the head!

Stats a-go-go