Serials for 10-09-08: batten your hatches, there's a Gail comin'

Did you know the new issue of Green Arrow/Black Canary came out this week? I kept up with the earlier issues, because I really like Ollie and Dinah's relationship,  but Winick's writing was so hard to swallow that I dropped it around issue 7 or 8.

Well, I guess everything improves over time, or maybe I just missed reading it, because I thumbed through the thirteenth issue this week -- and it wasn't half bad! Mike Norton's art even seems better, and I especially liked Ollie's face when he says,
"I'll kill him!"
in response to Dodger's affections for Mia Dearden. Classic paternal instinct right there, because if you were a father, wouldn't you wanna kill the british thief who's got a crush on your daughter?

Anyways, that's all the preliminary stuff I have for you today. Let's just get to reviewin'

Secret Six #2
by Gail Simone and Nicola Scott

This issue wasn't really as full as last issue. There's basically a brawl between Catman and Batman, and the Six break into Alcatraz. That's it.

Batman warns Catman that if they obtain the metal card from the Tarantula in Alcatraz, then every meta in Gotham will hunt them down, and they'll be as good as dead. Catman seems to have a death wish and doesn't really care.

There's a fight at Alcatraz, and then the entity who's after the metal card enlists all these metas to hunt the Six, just as Batman predicted.

Secret Six mystery guy

Bane gets some interesting characterization, but this issue was much more action-driven than character-driven, so let's tune in for next ish. . .

Wonder Woman #25
by Gail Simone and Bernard Chang

It's another book by Gail! In the same week!


Exactly, Babs!

Here's where the two-issue Hollywood arc ends, and Gail does not disappoint. Wondie engages the Queen of Fables, at which point the Queen sends her to an altered reality. Wondie ultimately defeats the Queen, but not before seeing a glimpse of the movie that the Queen would make:

The smells are everywhere! I love how Gail satirizes the way we as a society can be so ignorant of what feminism means or what an Amazon is.

There's also that girl whom Wondie hugged last ish, and it turns out that Wondie was intuited to her struggle with alcoholism and single-mom-ness. That's an interesting side of Wondie that I wasn't aware of. Should we call it -- (Wonder) women's intuition?

Anyways, I really liked the ending, which was twofold in nature.  
  1. Wondie decides that maybe it's better to wait for a great movie than to watch a poor one. That's arguably direct advice to fans waiting on a real Wondie movie, wouldn't you say? 
  2. Wondie helps the single mom's children, and gives them bracers, because she's their role model and all (awwww). As she flies away, she ponders on the awesomeness of kids.
See now, there's an interesting aspect of superheroes that we usually don't get to see: their interaction with children. It's good to see Gail touching on this.

I think the solicits said that this special issue (25) would also say something about Wondie's relationship with Steve Trevor, but there wasn't anything in that. At all. Why do you lie to me solicits? WHY?

All in all, a good Wonder Woman read, but a not-so-compelling Secret Six read. I'm sure it'll get great though, because -- it's Gail after all!

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