So apparently, I get the privilege (or humiliation) of having a big sister who actually follows this blog. Let's all take a moment to say hi to her, or throw a snowball at her at the very least! 
Pack in the snowball tight, to make sure it stings!
For those of you with siblings of your very own, you might wanna know how my relationship with her worked as a wee little child. I pondered on it a little while, and I think Jeph Loeb sums it up pretty well:
Loeb's hulk

Yeah, that sounds about right.

From Loeb and McGuiness's Hulk issue number whatever. Now some of you might have younger siblings, bless their souls, and if you're patient, I'm sure they'll appreciate everything you do!


***Cass said...

She's your sister? haha, and I thought the blog was just getting commenters other then sea_of_green and I. And younger siblings most definitely show their appreciation..... but lets not get into the whole illegal-ness of dog crap and an ex's house.....

Joyce said...

I welcome snowballs.
It's too moderate/temperate over here. Blech!

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