"And Monkey the Monkey Wonder!"

I am so sad without weekly comics.

howard the duck

This guy on a bike brushed past my arm today -- and here's the kicker -- I didn't kick 'im off his bike and yell irately at him.

And the other day, I let this squirrel take my cup of tea! They're so mean!

So I contemplated finding the nearest cliff to jump off of, until I realized --


So let's look at this today:

Classic. The story begins in the happiest place of all:

No way!

Tigers v. midgets? I think you all know where my money is.

That monkey is so smart.

And that's how all great relationships start out: with huge piles of money.


Sea_of_Green said...

OMG, that Batman panel just made my day! Hilarious! :-D

Kevin T. said...

Hey sea, that's what I'm here for.

Unless I'm participating in the monkey family flaming chainsaw juggling show.

Stats a-go-go