It's a hard-foam life for Freddy

Do you remember that baseball scene I showed you earlier when I did a review of Supergirl #34?

If you don't, here's the image again, and I want you to take the time to read it over again. Go ahead, I'll still be here when you're done.


Done? Good. Now I wanna show you something that particularly stood out to me. You may have missed it, but here's a little zoom-in of the last panel, bottom-left corner:

foam-finger freddy

Look at him! His face is so disapproving! And his Massive Foam-Finger of Condemnation! And notice how his fist is curled in utter indignation and rage!

I am officially dubbing him Foam-Finger Freddy. Whenever I come across a comic I don't like and put it up on the blog, I will send out Freddy here and say,
"Foam-Finger Freddy does not approve!"
So keep an eye out for the possibility of me posting comics I don't like some time. 
And Freddy? I mock because I love, kid. I mock because I love.


***Cass said...

ha! I own a giant foam finger! Trust me freddy, this is one step away from becoming a potbellied perry white type.

Sea_of_Green said...

Brilliant! :-) Though Foam-Finger Freddy also appears to be fan of the Meteors. Maybe you could also change the wording on his foam hand to match whatever he's protesting? Just a thought! :-)

Kevin T. said...

Thanks for the suggestion sea! I just need to get my hands on my "Corel Paint Shop Pro" back home, and play around with it (No Photoshop for me =(. . .).

cassie I am so jealous of you now. Oh the things I could do with a foam finger. I'd go out into the street, and whenever someone throws their candy wrapper on the sidewalk, I'll point at them and say, "foam-finger Kevin does not approve!" The experience'd be so traumatic for them, that never again would they litter.

And they'd develop a phobia for foam-fingers. That'd be so rad.

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