Cover to Cover: catching up

We're getting back on track with weekly comics, and it's about time!

I know the blog's been slowing down, but there's a reason for it, I swear!

Catwoman #81

by Will Pfeifer and David Lopez

This came out last week, so it's my fault for being lazy but I just wanted to delay Catwoman's approaching cancellation just that much. It hurts me right here to see the title go away, man.

Okay, enough lying, let's just get to the stealing and the backstabbing, because that's what Catwoman does in this issue, and it's wonderful.

On a mission for the Calculator, she goes to a super-villain-themed party to steal some valuable Nazi artifacts. Awesome! Since Pfeifer already covered Communists some issues back (with villains Hammer and Sickle!), now he's got everything!

Not much to say about this comic besides repetition. Gorgeous cover by Adam Hughes as always; Catwoman even wears a fedora in this issue!


Man, that fedora just made my day.

Detective Comics #847

by Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen

This issue is part two of "Heart of Hush" and is mostly set-up and flashback.

Thomas Elliot AKA "Hush" has a fit of anger about his mother's repressiveness, and goes to a psychologist called Dr. Crane. Hmm, where have I heard that name before?

The Wonderland Gang also shows up -- remember them? They had a gal whose gimmick was carpentry; that's how awesome they are, and Batman asks Tim and Dick to help take them down. There, he warns them that Hush might try to get at them to get at him.

This issue was all over the place; Catwoman goes to see Zatanna as well, and beats her several times at three-card monte!

Hush's plans also continue when they show that Scarecrow is now working for Hush to traumatize little children. WHY???

Cue cliffhanger, and that's the issue. A bit jumpy at points, but it wasn't confusing at all, and it was a fun read-through. Dustin Nguyen delivers a gorgeous Catwoman too.

I sure am gonna miss her.


Sea_of_Green said...

Oh, she'll be back, never fear. :-) Catwoman always refuses to remain on the backburner for long!

cassie said...

yep, just two more years.

Kevin T. said...

Aw, thanks sea and cassie.

And cassie, what do you mean by two more years? Am I missing out on something???

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