Cover to Cover: Bless this Mess

Okay guys, let's see if we can get back on track here with weekly comics here.

Unfortunately, I haven't visited my local shop but I will soon! I'm still a bit disorganized, that's just an excuse, see? 'cause I'm playing my Wii so damn much. In fact, I've put it in storage now, so things don't get out of hand. That is how much I love you guys.

Now are you ready to rock?!?!? My X-Men sub. came in today.

Uncanny X-Men #501

by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and Greg Land

I guess this is the follow-up to the X-Men's big move to San Francisco.

Unfortunately, there's a little anti-mutant "Hellfire Cult" there, and it stirs up some trouble with Pixie. They beat her up.


The narration here had a big Claremont vibe to me, and I enjoyed that. Chris Claremont was a big pioneer for the X-Men, and I can understand why the writing duo would want to nod back there.

At the same time, it doesn't sound too trite either. There's a new dynamic between Emma and Scott that I haven't seen before. It's like they're some kind of modern-chic-retro-modern couple or something. San Francisco makes their lives so swanky!

It's good to see that Cyclops is still something of a wet blanket. While Angel and Emma are indulging themselves, he's the one asking, "How much money was this?"

Never change, Scott. Never change.

On the art side, well, it's Greg Land. THe women will be constantly shapeshifting their faces, and the men will all impersonate celebrities.

That said, it's serviceable, but it's a very good thing that Terry Dodson takes up next issue.

The cliffhanger in this issue is that apparently the Hellfire Cult is run by some dominatrix (she even wears leather) called the Red Queen, as the X-Men make an offensive on some Cult members.

A good set-up issue, and I'm looking forward to next ish.

I usually try to fit in two comics reviews in a post, but I'm currently getting bonked down.

Also, I found these scans of Superman/Batman #51, and they are adorable. Looks like I'll have to get to my comic shop soon. . .


Sea_of_Green said...

Red Queen, Red Lanterns ... everything coming up is red, red, red. :-)

***Cass said...

The Robin' lovin was adorable.In fact, I'll say real Dinah had a poster of eleven year old Dick Grayson Robin in her locker at some point. Also, you gottas get to your shop and check out Birds of Prey. Joker is drawn great!!! Oh, and click on my blog link and read my #124 solicit rant!!Ranting is hard work!

Kevin T. said...

aw man, red hulk too! What's next, a red FLASH???

Oh wait.

and cass, Birds of Prey was a fun read. The art look more consistent face-wise, too!

***Cass said...

yeah and MISFIT!!! yay!
you should read my rant.

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