that's one strange name for a Green Arrow movie

A random fact for you guys: "WWILF" is a british acronym for the phrase, "What was I looking for?"

It refers to the general pointless internet surfing that we all do, and it was this instance that led me to a blog post at Newsarama, shockingly named Blog@Newsarama. Now I highly doubt that anyone will click that link, because, well, it's a lot of hard work to click your mouse, so here's a summary:

Green Arrow. Movie. "Super Max."

Apparently, DC is trying to counter Marvel's Iron Man success with their own billionaire playboy douchebag. Oliver Queen, AKA Green Arrow!thwack

A quote from the site:
"In Super Max, Green Arrow is framed, stripped of his identity, and sent to a maximum-security prison for supervillains, with whom he must team to escape and clear his name."
I guess that's an interesting premise. I doubt that leaves much room for characterization, but then again, it's just a sentence!

It'd be awesome if Green Arrow got a higher profile. With his opinions and his flaws, he's a real-world kind of hero.

Ollie tells it like it is in Final Crisis #3.


cassie said...

*sigh* the plot sounds as though it'll have more to do with a very loosely adapted oliver queen/prisonbreak cross than arrow, but there will at least be a cameo by black canary *please!*
or a sex scene.

Sea_of_Green said...

Looks like with the commercial and critical success of Dark Knight, in particular, Warner Bros./DC is eager to trot out more of the "realistic" heroes in their stable. The premise sounds interesting enough -- but it also sounds like, in the hands of the wrong filmmaker, it could go horribly, horribly wrong.

Kevin T. said...

cassie, your sentiments are awesome, and I'd be very much remiss if the movie didn't have black canary or a sex scene!

sea, I share a similar anxiety with you, but I think the best we can do right now is hold some cautious optimism.

For example, they have to refer to Ollie making chili at some point right? RIGHT???

cassie said...

oliver queen chilli... *sigh*. and lets also explain olivers adopted kids lives too.

Stats a-go-go