I hope my optimism isn't misplaced

I wanted to talk about this in last post, but I wasn't sure if anyone would read it, because it was so long-winded.

So here I am, blabbing my mouth about this month. Which is August. Which is the month that comes after July. Which is also the month that comes before September.

Which also turns out to be the month in which "Brand New Day Spider-Man: New Ways to Die" comes out.

New Ways to Die

It's the super-big arc that has the return of Venom and a new villain, "Anti-Venom."

It's also the return of the guy who was born to draw Spider-Man: John Romita Jr.!

And with Dan Slott (G.L.A.: Misassembled, She-Hulk) returning to the title, I'm reconsidering my ban from Amazing Spider-Man ever since One More Day.

I really hope that this is a good comic. I want to be able to enjoy Amazing Spider-Man again. Don't you, webhead?


ALSO: Ogle this two-page spread.



Anonymous said...

YES! :)

Check out this upcoming John Romita Jr. art from the New Ways to Die story:


Sea_of_Green said...

Agreed! You know, I didn't used to like his artwork AT ALL, but I've changed my mind recently. He's gotten better and better.

Kevin T. said...

Yeah =). I missed the way he drew Spidey's eyes!

I'm on the same page with you, sea. Every time I look at his art, I love it more.

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