a friendly neighborhood goddamn public service announcement

With all the publicity that the blog is making,* I felt that it was my duty to do what you've all been waiting for. I felt that it was time to make a public service announcement.

As an American - nay, a human being, here are not one, but two reasons that you crazy kids should never turn to a life of crime.

*publicity may be imaginary

ONE: The Goddamn Batman will punch you in the face, and. . .





TWO: Frank Miller will write hilarious grunts of pain for you.

Scans from various issues of Frank Miller and Jim Lee's All-Star Batman and Robin. Most are from issue 7, though.



Sea_of_Green said...

Man, you aren't kidding!

Kevin T. said...

I can't be kidding, sea.
Not until all these crazy kids in Chicago learn to straighten up, fly right, and answer to the Goddamn Batman.

Stats a-go-go