Cover to Cover: KNEECAP!

Aw geez, why did I get so many comics last week?

This is the last two, but I also got another one. It's the second issue of Bloodrayne: Tokyo Rogue, but it was justinfo-dump info-dump info-dump CLIFFHANGER, so I guess I'll only do it for the next issue.

Superman/Batman #51
by Michael Green, Mike Johnson and Rafael Albuquerque

This issue is perfect. I mean, I don't even think I need to review it, and that's not because I'm just really lazy.

The details in each little panel are wonderful, and I love the idea of a kid-friendly Superman/Batman. Just check out these scans, and learn their origins!

Red Arrow even uses little plunger arrows!
superman batman 51

And look, Mr. Freeze has an ice cream gun!

lil mr. freeze

What a delightful comic.

lil batman

Birds of Prey #121

by Tony Bedard and Michael O'Hare

I have mixed feelings about this one.

There are two parts to this: the Joker makes little kittens out of the Silicon Syndicate, and then Misfit commits every hollywood high cliche there is.

The Silicon Syndicate sounds ridiculous to me the more I hear it. Everyone's codename is just so. . . lame.

I mean, that outfit is just ridiculous, but at least the Joker really does a job on these guys, and that was the good part here.

What I loved about the issue is that Huntress and Misfit go to the same high school! Aaaah!

That was a very natural progression of the story, and I can't believe I didn't see that.

Looking forward to next issue, but hoping that the Silicon Syndicate is less lame.


***Cass said...

Whoops. Hey where's the Robin Lovin' ? That was my favorite!!

But on the other hand, poor Misfit. My aunt was the Third grade teacher when I was in sixth, and that was bad enough, though she didn't really know me.

But Huntress? God, my Dick of an LA teacher pales in comparison. She'll never be able to fail LA again, and God Forbid she does that whole posting- on- a -teacher hate- board thing or worse, forgets to hand in homework!

And kevin, I finally responded to all the coments you left on chibistomb!

Kevin T. said...

I love how you capitalize "Dick."

Ahh, the Robin lovin' I omitted, because I try to show some other scans that scans_daily doesn't post. That issue really had a lot of stuff.

And in Misfit's dilemma, well, I'd hate to forget an assignment when my teacher was a former mobster with a master's in archery. Yikes.

cassie, I re-responded to some of the comments, but how come I can't comment on some of the later posts?

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