Cover to Cover: Beige is the new pink, people!

So here we are, wrapping up the week. This is the last Friday before Labor Day, so I wish you guys a blastin' Labor Day Weekend.

Before I let you go to celebrate or get your school supplies and whatnot, I have some comics I wanted to share with you. They're Ambush Bug: Year None #2 and Catwoman #82.

Ambush Bug: Year None #2

by Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming

When I read this, I was kind of confused by what was going on. The scenes seemed to shift sporadically, and Ambush Bug felt like he was all over the place.

When I read it again, Ambush Bug was still all over the place, but then I started getting hip to his jive. This issue is a collection of spoofs, and while the first issue felt like it had plot (the mystery of Who Killed Jonni DC), this one is more like "Ambush Bug parades around and finds random spoofs on comics." And there's nothing wrong with that! It's all about the gags in this book anyways.

(click to enlarge)

Like Giffen's spin on Galactus. The "Mr. Nebula" is the intergalactic authority on public taste, and whenever he visits a planet, they're doomed to reupholster their carpets and decoration. Can anyone save them from his fickle taste?

There's even a Japanese Ambush Bug, and he has his own television series in Japan called "Mitsu Bishi's Help Murder Police Super Fun Action Time!" and Mitsu Bishi always has a look of panic and terror on his face.

Ambush Bug Year None #2

It's hilarious.

This issue wasn't as coherent or well-constructed as the first issue, but the jokes are still plenty, and that's what really matters.

Catwoman #82

by Will Pfeifer and David/Alvaro Lopez

This is the last issue of Catwoman.

Catwoman #82

Just makin' sure that the fact is sinking in to you. I've probably talked enough about the series to you, so my praises should be moot. I'll just summarize today: it's basically a huge cat-and-mouse chase across Gotham between Catwoman and Batman. Along the way, Catwoman teases him, swipes his belt, goes through random apartments, learns why she gave up Helena (her kid), reinforces the equal relationship between herself and Batman, and finally hijacks the Batmobile.

(click to enlarge)
No Selina, the pleasure was all mine.

She's one of the few rogues who can actually make Batman nervous, and I'm definitely reading Detective Comics to catch up with her.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend guys!


***Cass said...

Selina stole the g-damn batmobile!!! YAY!!! No, the rest of the issue was alos pretty good with the batman-selina chase thing.
and is the green thing that solomon grundy is dragging supposed to be doop?

Kevin T. said...

ahh, the green thing is "Mitsu Bishi," the Ambush Bug from Japan.

Note the look of terror.

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