Let's talk about the week today, hm?

"I'm the hall monitor. It's my job."
Those were the words of a young grade-schooler who walked with Yao Ming. You might wonder why a nine-year-old boy is walking with the NBA superstar, but then maybe you didn't hear of what he did. When an earthquake all but destroyed his school building, he was one of the lucky ones to escape, but then he went back and he rescued one of his classmates.

Then he went back again and saved another one.

Don't you think that warrants walking with Yao Ming at the opening ceremony for the 2008 Olympics?

olympics 2008

Whether it's Michael Phelp's six-year-and-growing record in the Individual Medley at the pool or Roger Federer's tennis bout with Rafael Nadal or the young boy's heroic feat, the Olympics gravitate around one thing: the best that people can be.

For such an event, I felt that it was appropriate to pospone Friday's post for today instead.

. . . You don't believe me? Okay, fine. I was lazy, but isn't the first reason so much better?

Let's get back to comics: with the week ending, it sounds like a good time to recap it: what I thought was cool, and what I thought wasn't.

Supergirl #32 came out this week, and it's the last issue of Kelley Puckett's attempt to make the cute Kryptonian compelling. I'm still following the title, but only in the vaguest sense. I flipped through the issue, and saw stuff that only worried me: four-panel pages with no dialogue and more decompression. He started this arc in, what was it, issue 25?

Oh wait, no, it was issue 23! And the arc ends in 9 issues!

Needless to say, a new creative team is taking over after a fill-in issue. Hopefully it picks there?

supergirl #34

Hey here's another title to rant about: the "Vertigo Doubleshot: House of Mystery #1 and Young Liars #1" Here's my thought process in getting this:

Hey isn't that House of Mystery #1? I thought my shop was sold out of it? And why does it have a red logo. The original publication had a black logo.

Is this a second printing?

Holy crap! House of Mystery really did well enough to get a second printing?

(picks up issue, thumbs through it)

Hmmm, this feels thicker than usual.

Holy crap! These pages are upside down! This is a flip book with the first issue of
Young Liars
as well!

Holy crap! This is only three dollars!

And that's when I stopped thinking.

Wait, no, that's not what I mean. Okay, fine, you know what I mean. That's when I knew I'd get this issue.

Hopefully you guys know what House of Mystery is about from reading the blog. If you don't, then here's what you need to know: it's about people trapped in a house/diner, so they pass the time by telling stories. There's a deliciously twisted vibe to it, and you can find me talking about issue 3 here (middle portion of the post), issue 4 here (the last portion of the post).

Heck, scans_daily even has the full back-up story from the first issue over here.* It's really, really twisted and really, really disgusting, and really, really written well!

*be careful now: click at the risk of your lunch!

The other comic book in the "Doubleshot" was Young Liars. It's a really hardcore urban decay-style comic book. There's fighting, blood, drugs, sexually questionable behavior, all to a hard rock score.

The premise is that Sadie Dawkins has a bullet lodged in her brain, and it's severely affected her frontal lobe so that she's practically without any inhibitions. Then there's this other guy who's trying to start a band with her who has a crush on her. There are a bunch of supporting characters, but they were pretty hardcore for me.

Basically, it's not a bad issue, but it's a bit extreme for my tastes.

That said, why don't you try the Doubleshot for yourself? It's a damn good deal, and I'm sure you'll appreciate it even better than this simpleton that's talking to you.

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