Begins with "C" and ends with "ollege"

As I'm typing this, it's Wednesday right now, and I have the unfortunate happenstance of not having gone to my local comic shop. Don't get me wrong; it was part of my plans and all, but some friends came by on a whim, and I got stuck having to entertain them. Crap.

After years of trying to avoid revealing my demographic, I guess I have to get on that today.

So I'm about to be a college student this fall (yippee?), and I have to make several life adjustments.
IE: getting a credit card, getting the appropriate dorm items (and yes: pink slippers do count), and trying to make my future laptop not explode.

I also have to erase any evidence of my existence in this house, so long boxes are in demand.

A "long box," whose contents are apparently "classified." (That's the cover to Justice League: The New Frontier Special by the way.)

I hate revealing my demographic, because at my age, people may automatically invalidate any intellectual opinion I have. Which is poop.

Anyways, I know I have some regular readers out there, and I can't thank you guys enough. I foresee myself being away from the blog for a week, and if you find a better blog in the transition, never be afraid to replace this blog on your google reader or what have you. It's your own time that matters after all.

Don't worry; you won't be missing out on much anyways. I mean, the next issue of Fables doesn't even come out 'til next month!
fables #75
Fables #75

And hey, instead of coming here, maybe you could go outside, get some fresh air. This summer weather won't last forever after all!

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