Nicola Scott: Renaissance woman???

The other day I was watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. A really good movie; it even has Sean Connery in it, sho you can bet it wash aweshome.

When it's Indiana Jones, I never fast-forward through the credits, because the music is so wonderful to listen to, and I saw something strange. . .

nicola scott

If you look around the middle row there, you'll see the name "Nicola Scott," or "That lady who just did a long run on Birds of Prey but then left for a Secret Six ongoing."

Could it be? Is it really this Nicola Scott?

nicola scott

So, not only is she an artist and a mom, now she's an actor?!?!

Mrs. Scott, you know we all miss you at Birds, but keep doing what you're doing, and good luck.

(Say hi to Harrison Ford for me if you get the chance???)

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cassie said...

incidently, nicola scott was also in jumper and my super ex-girlfriend, as well as the author of a bunch of sweet kids books and credited in a cookbook. okay, Nicola Scott, get in line.

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