Zinda Blake shows us. . .

. . . How To Deal With An Overpossessive Date!

DISCLAIMER: I'm sure that most of you probably realize that I'm not of the female persuasion, so it might not be exactly valid for me to talk about overpossessive dates.

TO WHICH I SAY: Look out behind you! It's. . . An Overpossessive Date!

Part of the male psyche is the need for territory. From watering holes in the past to go-carts in the near-present, to coffee mugs in the present-present, they have to own something, and it has to be theirs. (Hands off my blog!)

Unfortunately, this can apply to people as well, and us guys can get pretty possessive over our dates. In fact, we might even resort to out-n'-out violence:

overpossessive date zinda blake

How do you deal with this? You're not property for some random guy to just own, after all! You're your own person, not a coffee mug!
As it turns out, the solution to this is just as ancient as the habit itself. You can quell this hypermasculine behavior with a very simple gesture:

overpossessive date zinda blake


Or you could just tell them they're being rude. It's all good.

Strangely enough, this post involved a topic that isn't completely comical. I don't know how I came off, if I came off as some hoity-toity lecturer, or some disingenous douchebag, but I would definitely like your feedback. This is new territory for me, so comment anonymously if you wish.


Sea_of_Green said...

Hell, speaking as a female, I woulda punched him, too!


***Cass said...

After which she will show us how NOT to gat a date.
remember creote anyone?

Kevin T. said...

She sees a guy she likes, she'll try to get 'im.
She sees a guy she doesn't, she'll punch 'im.

What can I say? Zinda's just an old-fashioned kinda gal!

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