Have you seen. . .

. . . the "Embrace Change" ads for Secret Invasion? They're in all the Marvel comics this week, or last week, or something. Here's a nifty "Embrace Change" infomercial, although I find it far too cynical and uneven in regards to human nature:

Did you find it a little creepy? If yes, so did I! I believe it was very, very creepy, and if not, maybe this will help you believe.

I also thought it was confusing. By saying "Embrace Change," is this ad asking me to
"Embrace the total destruction of my civilization as I know it and the replacement of said civilization with a Skrullian one, thus firmly eradicating me from the face of the Earth?"
skrulls ouch

Because, well, that's pretty much what's been going on in the comic right? People killing people? Has there been any kind of negotiation? Why are Skrulls killing the people they intend to enslave/enlighten?

Who knows. Only time will tell. There are still two issues left right? Or one?

skrulls ouch

Arghhhh, I really wanted to put reviews up today, but 1) my comics aren't with me, and 2) I haven't gotten me to a scannery! Reviews up. . . sometime? My Saturday oughta be free.

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***Cass said...

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also on chibistomb.

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