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Talk about the google generation!

Not only am I using Google's blogger utility, now I'm using Google's internet browser, Chrome. And who knows, maybe you got here through a google search!
So have you guys checked out Chrome? What do you think of it? Scott McCloud, the same guy who wrote Understanding Comics made an ~40 page informational comic about it. Check it out!

Anyways, GOOGLE GOOGLE GOOGLE. Let's get back to comics. This one came out maybe three weeks ago, and I wasn't paying enough attention to get it. It's

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #27
by Jeff Parker, Paul Tobin, Ig guara and Jacopo Camagni
Marvel: Okay, 27 is your last Avengers issue - we're expecting something special.
Parker: Oh don't you worry, it will be. Heh.
Marvel: Really? Great! Who's in it?
Parker: Um. . . the guy with the thing - trust me, it's going to RAWK.
Marvel: You don't know what the story is yet, do you.
Parker: Think my phone's running out of juice-zzzz-can barely hear you *bwip.
That's the solicitation for MA: TA #27, and if that doesn't sell you on the issue, I'll just hang my coat and retire now!

In this here comic book, some of the Avengers go to a county fair to judge pies and various pig breedings. The others (Cap and Iron Man) stay and play basketball.

Hulk movie


A problem with kid's superhero comics is that they sometimes tend to talk down to kids, in ridiculous language using the superheroes. The thing is, most kids don't want to read that. They wanna read the real Marvel Universe. They wanna read what everyone else is reading. What makes Parker's MA:TA better is that he does neither. He just makes a darn fun comic, and these issues in his four(five?)-issue run are exactly that.

wolverine, bub

The creators here also know how to have fun with the credits. I don't know who do these, but they were similarly hilarious for X-Men: First Class, which I uh, dropped. Heh.

MATA credits

A great comic if you're looking for unconventional super-fun, but Parker's run is coming out in a trade digest eventually, so I recommend that instead of this.

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Sea_of_Green said...

Awww, the Hulk cuddly with the piggy is just SO DARN CUTE! Gee, I never figure the Hulk for a Babe fan. :-)

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