an inside look at a goony gathering

You know who they are. Goons. Henchmen. Cronies. Lackeys. Minions. Shills. Henchmen. Thugs.

. . . okay, I'll stop now, but you know who they are. No villain is complete without them, but they need to make a living like any other human being.

And they need to form labor unions too! Gail Simone gives us some insight on their meetings:

A productive bunch, aren't they? You can see more for yourself in Birds of Prey #72 or the third volume of Gail's Birds of Prey: "Between Dark and Dawn."


***Cass said...

this is the issue with the guy who keeps talking about his buttoks, right?

Kevin T. said...

Aw man, I don't have that issue on hand, and I don't remember if it was or not.

But let's just say that it's much more funny than talking about his toe fungus, hm?

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