Cover to Cover: "Oh, I fell asleep in the bathroom again."

Today we have two issues (as always). One of them's ending an arc, and the other's beginning a whole new title: House of Mystery #5 and Secret Six #1.

Secret Six #1
by Gail Simone and Nicola Scott

If you haven't heard of the two names above this line, then YOU HAVE BEEN LIVING A HALF LIFE SINCE NOW.

I'll give you some time to recover yourself; you may be shell-shocked. Take some deep breathes as you remember your sense of self.
But seriously. Gail has her signature humor and character-writing, and Nicola is the perfect person to bring 'em to life.


And Secret Six #1 is no exception! The team of mercenaries this time has to retrieve a supervillain from Alcatraz, the Tarantula, who stole a very valuable plot device item from their benefactor.

Of course, the Six have their own personal, and hilarious problems. Catman might turn to the side of good, ever since Huntress hit on him, and Scandal has to deal with the death of her lover, the New God Knockout.

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This is a #1 that you definitely wanna check out, guys.

House of Mystery #5
By Matt Sturges, Luca Rossi and Sean Murphy

This is the last part of the first arc of House of Mystery, and the conclusion is, well, the House appears to be a metaphor for Fig's inability to get past her own fantasies and face reality. The House was angry at Fig, because when she designed it, it was her dream house, but Fig isn't "that way" anymore. I suppose "that way" means her idealistic former self.

Suffice to say, the conclusion isn't really satisfying, but it's not really the conclusion that makes the story. I guess it's all the little details in between.

sleeping in the bathroom

The issue begins with a flashback to Fig's childhood: her father was a writer who wrote adventures about her. Fig's Adventure in the Clown Kingdom et cetera. Her parents later divorced, and her father moved to Texas. Maybe by designing the House, Fig was trying to reconnect to the father she knew as a child? Maybe she wanted to escape back to her childhood?

Fig closet

. . . ahhhh screw it, I'm not analyzin' nothin' today.

Some last words: I enjoyed the arc very much, but hopefully Matt tightens up the plots next time, and gets some more movement for the main character. I wonder how this arc'll read in trade?

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