Three Blind Mice. . . in paradise!

This being a Holiday week in the states, comics don't come out until Thursday. Not only are my peers gone for college and maybe already in their second week of college, now I can't get comics 'til tomorrow? Why am I living a delayed life???

ALSO: The weather sucks.

Anyways, to cheer you me up, here's the next little snippet from the next volume of Fables.Since I didn't post any kind of scan last time, here's a full 3-page short story from Fables vol. 9: Sons of Empire. I won't try to spoil you with my own words; this story is just that delicious:

If you noticed, the three blind mice all have stubby tails. That's because the farmer's wife chopped them up with a carving knife when they tried to steal some food!

Unfortunately, that's as far as my Fables reading goes. I haven't read the "The Good Prince" arc, but I'm going to collect issues #73-75 as singles, because of the big seven-five. After that, I'm crossing my fingers that my library will get Volume 10 soon. Maybe I'll put these posts together in one place or something. So people can remember that Fables exists.


Sea_of_Green said...

The animals in Fables are the best -- the funniest and most personable talking animals EVER. :-)

Kevin Tam said...


and Bigby's the best of 'em all.

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