Get down America!

With the Democratic and Republican National Conventions behind us Yanks, everything's official now, and every voting American has probably already decided their choice. Whether it's Barack "A More Perfect Union" Obama or John "Country First" McCain, everyone's vote is as good as done.

Except they overlooked one candidate.

Look out world; it's Howard the Duck, and he's running for President!

Here are a few reasons why YOU should vote for Howard! (And if you're not a citizen, then just fake a passport. I know a guy.)

ONE: He knows how to care for his fellow American!

TWO: With Howard, your hard-earned tax money is in good hands!

THREE: In Howard's America, everyone will have all the food and health care that they need and deserve!

So get down America! Vote Howard for Prez in '76 '08!

Howard announces his presidency!
The Feathered Fowl Party!
A big thanks to Teddy!


Sea_of_Green said...

Oh, Howard. Howard was the greatest thing in his day -- until he was assassinated by the film industry.

I blame George Lucas.

Kevin T. said...

I guess I'm lucky in that I've never seen it, BUT I did read Steve Gerber's original script for the film. It's wonderful.


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