Cover to Cover: worms worms worms

I've basically made three posts about last week's comics, and I still haven't gone through them all. Something's wrong here. . .

Wonder Woman #24
by Gail Simone and Bernard Chang

(This is the issue where Wondie checks out film prospects based on her likeness)
I know I kinda earlier complained about Chang's lanky depiction of Wonder Woman, but it's really improved here. She gives off a sense of power now, a sense of regality. Not a sense of "omg I'm so skinny."

The part with Nemesis was OK. I still don't see what Wonder Woman sees in that guy, but I love Gail and I trust Gail, and I know she'll tell a hell of a story out of it.
The part at Hollywood was the real highlight here. It's fun, and Gail nods at how difficult it's been to make a real Wonder Woman movie. It shows that Gail really cares about the character, but she's willing to have a lot of fun with her too. That's the kind of writer you want guys.

Also: Wondie's Gorilla posse RAWKed.

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I might be staying on for just the next issue though, because I don't really get Simone's longer arcs.

Uncanny X-Men #502
by Matt Fraction and Greg Land

The title is advertised as having the writing duo of Fraction and Brubaker, but from what I've heard, the two of them are actually alternating arcs, so I'm only putting Fraction's name in the little white-credits-bar-that-I-doubt-anyone-reads.

On to the issue: there is soooooo much BDSM in here, and I'm not sure how appropriate it is for younger readers. This is the flagship x-title isn't it?

Well screw it. Just forget about Uncanny being the flagship okay? The new flagship is now X-Men: Fist Class, because a) the artist doesn't photo-reference/copy porn, and b) most of the antagonists aren't dominatrices.

Yes, there's a "Mistress." She likes to say "worm" a lot.

So am I regretting switching my X-Men: First Class subscription to this title?


. . . Yeah. A little bit.

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