Cover to Cover: How wacky is that!

So here I am, drinkin' my tea (chamomile) and readin' my comics (books).

That's what life is really about, kids. That is why this blog exists.

The Amazing Spider-Man #570

by Dan Slott and John Romita Jr.

Meh. This is the third part of the six-part "New Ways to Die!" and it's a big fight scene between Venom, Spidey and Anti-Venom.

Not much happens here. . . Well, Norman Osborn meets Menace, but that's a cliffhanger. There's some political stuff about the upcoming mayoral election, but that doesn't lead up to anything substantial in this issue. A nice twist was that, after purging Gargan of the symbiote, Anti-Venom detects minute traces in Spidey (right panel).

It's powerful, as long as we're worried about Spidey losing his powers. The thing is, I don't know about you, but I'm not, so it's not exactly that strong a twist.

You know, this would have been a perfect time to get Mary Jane back on the title. She's explicitly on the little promo poster:

New Ways to Die

but we're already halfway through the arc, and she isn't back yet! I want answers, Slott!

But. . . yeah. Hopefully next ish is meatier. Not much else to say for now.

(sips some tea)

Detective Comics #848

by Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen

I just noticed it now, but in the logo for this comic, there's a "Batman" above the "Detective Comics."

How wacky is that???

(sips some tea, checks for any hallucinogens in it)

Anyways, I'm lumping the non-meaty comics together, and this one is one of them. It's also another "Part Three," this time in the five-part "Heart of Hush."

Basically, Batman has to deal with Scarecrow's, erm, scare tactics against a child, as Dr. Hush, erm, extracts Selina Kyle's heart from her body. This issue shows how Hush knows Batman's weaknesses so well: small children and Selina.

I'm not sure how I wanna take Selina's, er, operation. It sounds like such a ridiculous idea, and yet. . . she's in peril. I dunno.

But hey! Here's Catwoman reassuring us after the cancellation of her solo title!

selina kicks hush

Awww, how sweet of you, Selina. Want some tea?


Troy Wall said...

Amen! Tea and comics!!!

Kevin T. said...

Hey! Aren't you Troy Wall? As in "Troy Wall who writes Bloodrayne?"

Nice to know I'm not alone in my comic-reading habits!

Troy Wall said...

Yep. The publisher at Digital Webbing posted a link to your blog when you reviewed the Automaton issue several months back. I dug the material on your blog so I've been reading it ever since!

*Lurks back into the 'net*


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