Serial for 9-26-08: Superman/Batman #52

It's intensely humid in my dorm, so let's get to reviewin' comics before they get all wrinkly and crumble in my hands:

Superman/Batman #52
by Michael Green, Mike Johnson and Rafael Albuquerque

This is the end of the two-issue arc, and also the last comic I have for this week. I'll try to compensate by going more in-depth.

The l'il villains make their move, and the Justice League and the L'il Justice League have to stop them. Meanwhile: CUTENESS! 

But there's more to the issue than fighting and adoring: it's also a story about innocense lost. The L'il Leaguers on their world were used to tripping up the villains with a banana peel, or trying not to get the Joker's soapy water in their eyes as opposed to acid. L'il Superman sacrifices his life to defeat Doomsday, and every Leaguer sheds a tear.

Was it necessary? Who can say.

Was it told well? Hell yes. It managed to tell The Death of Superman better than The Death of Superman, even.

And on the art side, uh, Albuquerque can draw the men and all that, but I don't like how he draws the women:

l'il black canary

Their lips are too full! It makes them look skanky.

I dunno, maybe I just really miss the way Cliff Chiang drew the Canary.

Do I use this image too much?
Whatever, I really like it.

I guess that's it for the review. A pretty poignant comic here, and a very good read. Will #53 be as good? Who knows -- definitely not me, but I'll keep an eye on it.

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