Cover to Cover: Spidey's snapshot secret!

Hey-hey, another Wednesday, another batch of comics.

Er, make that one batch of comic, singular. There was only one title out this week that I wanted to get, and it was

Amazing Spider-Man #571
by Dan Slott and John Romita Jr.

With this baby, we're officially four-sixths through with "New Ways to Die," and I'm still peeved that we haven't gotten any MJ.

The Venom/Anti-Venom/Spider-Man fight comes to a halt here, as Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts interfere. Not much else really happens. There's an interesting bit when Menace gets angry at Osborn for using all his power, all his fame, just to get at Spider-Man. Menace apparently has bigger plans.

Harry has an emotional scene with his girlfriend, about her father's hospitalization, and their concept of "family," but that doesn't go anywhere.

But most importantly, we get to learn how Peter manages to take Spidey photos so well! Osborn finds Peter's camera in the fight scene, and figures it out:

Did you understand that? I had to read that panel a couple times to get it, but here's the gist: you know Spider-Man's spider emblem on his chest? There's apparently a tracking device on it, and the camera's lens tracks that emblem and keeps it dead center! Isn't that cool?

I'm wondering if MJ will ever show up now. Maybe next ish?

Anyways, stay tuned kids. I forgot to get some other issues last week, so we can get on those later.

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