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Yayyyy, it's "I post random scans from my comics" day! 

I'm going through my long box, and trying to get up som
e stuff before I move out for college et cetera.

From Birds of Prey issue number I forgot:

This was during that whole "One Year Later" deal-y in the DC Universe. The Crime Doctor got tired of working for the Secret Society of Supervillains (or whatever they were called), and wanted to leave it.

Except for the last issue of the storyarc, it had some wonderful art by Paulo Siquiera, and it's one of Gail's strongest storiess in my opinion.


Kevin T. said...

(the location: a Texas desert against the backdrop of a wild sunset)

hey kevin, it looks like yer havin' some problems over that there picasaweb image host, huh?

Well, I forgive ya an' all, but ah sure do hope that ya get it fixed and whatnot soon, right pardner?

(cracks whip, and rides horse off into the sunset)

***Cass said...

hey kevin, the url you've got for chibistomb2 on your blog list is wrong!!

the url is--


Kevin T. said...

EDIT: okay, the image seems to be in working order now.

EXPLANATION: picasa appeared to be auto-converting my images from .gifs to .pngs, which made them download-protected. One of the images in the previous post has a similar problem, but I don't care enough about Iron Man to change it.

An' that's all, pardners.

Kevin T. said...

Okay, cassie, I think I wrangled up the url. I added a "2" to it. Hope it's up and runnin' now, gal.

***Cass said...

it is! thanks!

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