Cover to Cover: Wish Ambush Bug a happy honeymoon!

Are you ready? Put your mind at peace now. Is your soul pure? Clear any stray thoughts in your head. Are you ready?

Join me, and let us lock our hands together, our souls together, in that weekly ritual we call. . . 

. . . comic books.

Nova #17
by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Wellinton Alves and some fill-in-art-guy

Grooooooooss! Apparently, this is the week where all the Marvel Comics are putting a double-page spread devoted to the "Embrace Change" ads. It's really creepy.

The Skrulls play a bigger part in this issue besides ads, and Nova gets back down to Earth to help defend his brother's science lab from them with some other heroes.

Nova Darkhawk

He also undergoes this treatment to try to save Worldmind, the sentient super computer in his helmet. The machine looks kinda like a, um, MRI chamber. Soon after, the Skrulls attack, and then this voice pops up in Nova's ears. We're led to believe that it's Worldmind, until it's some random guy called Wendell Vaughn, AKA "Quasar." Boo.

I'm a bit bummed at the Worldmind fake-out, and, well, this issue wasn't that great. Not much goes anywhere. Hopefully next ish is stronger.

Ambush Bug: Year None #3
by Keith Giffen and friends

I was reading this at lunch today. . . 

by myself. . . 

and then I got to this part. . . 

Ambush Bug
That's really sad. 

The rest of the issue isn't as mean though, and there's even a plot this time, which puts it above the previous issue. Ambush Bug has to deal with his marriage to Dumb Bunny in Las Vegas, and he struggles with the decision of whether to love her or leave her. It's really fun too.

A lot of the jokes are in-jokes, so you might not get it, but if you do, this is definitely a great alternative to DC's gore comix, such as -sigh- Teen Titans


***Cass said...

Fanboy breath is what's being breathed on didio.
i assueme you read the dog mauling issue?

Kevin T. said...

hmm. . . they could use a mint.

I don't actually have the issue per se, but it's all over the blogosphere.

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