Cover to Cover: Cosmo - Skrull's best friend???

Well, I finally get to looking at the stuff I got this week. Hopefully future weeks are less hectic, hm?

Amazing Spider-Man #572
by Dan Slott and John Romita Jr.

Here's where Stormin' Norman Osborn implements his special tracking device to aim at Spidey. Wherever his goonies shoot, the bullets'll go after the emitter in Spider-Man's costume! Bullseye goes with some goonies, and they end up raiding the Coffee Bean, which gets Peter in costume. There's a fight scene, then Anti-Venom saves Spidey. Pretty standard stuff, except for the cliffhanger ending.


I did not see that coming! I'm definitely psyched for next ish, but still disappointed that MJ hasn't appeared.

Birds of Prey #122
by Tony Bedard and Michael O'Hare

This is structured really similarly to the title up top there. Basically a lot of fighting, until the cliffhanger ending.

Now that is a cliffhanger ending.

You can check out a better review over here at Chibistomb, but yeah, I don't have much to say about it.

Guardians of the Galaxy #5
by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Paul Pelletier

Aw man, this is the Big Reveal. Apparently, Cosmo the telepathic russian astro-canine is in cohorts with the skrulls???? This must be misleading somehow. It's freakin' Cosmo! The only way I can cope with this is through denial: the skrulls must not be the world-conquering skrulls that I'm thinking about. Maybe they're refugees or something. 
Either way, I won't believe that Cosmo's been aiding the skrulls in the destruction of human civilization!

Other than that, Starhawk becomes a girl for some reason, then disappears into the time stream, and then Drax goes insane and figures that if he blows up the entire place and kills everyone, he won't have to worry who's a skrull or not. Makes sense if you're psychotic, I guess.

I didn't really like last issue, but this one was pretty strong.

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