Reading Iron Man: Extremis

I'm about to be leaving the area soon, for my college, so I'm trying to read the entirety of graphic novels that my local library has available.

We all know it won't work, but at least here's one of 'em:

Iron Man: Extremis
by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: One of Tony Stark's colleagues formulates the "Extremis" enhancement drug, and it goes into the wrong hands -- a terrorist's! Can Tony stop him in time as the invincible Iron Man? Can anyone?

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT IT: Well, I like how Ellis touches on Tony's idea of working for peace while at the same time developing weapons for the military. It's an interesting concept, and it's what makes everyone picket Stark Industries as a war mogul.

protesters Iron Man

Iron Man also jet-boot-kicks someone in the face:

Iron Man jet boot kick

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE ABOUT IT: Very, very wordy. Ellis spends the first half of the six-issue miniseries making lots of fruitless dialogue that doesn't go anywhere. Then in the other half, he pretty much gives the story to the art, and there's plenty of pages that go without any kind of speech at all.

EXTRAS?: For some reason, there's a cover gallery of issues not included in the trade paperback. Considering, however, that the cover artist is Adi Granov, you shouldn't raise an eyebrow at all.
FINAL THOUGHTS: Well, this is one miniseries that supposedly changed Iron Man forever; now that Tony has Extremis in his blood, he can control his armor and other appliances via his mind. Ultimately, that's what the trade is meant to show, so just spend your money on chewing gum instead.

Or Clark bars!
clark bars

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***Cass said...

Ha, so you read the Library's comics, too, huh?
Yeah, i'm still waiting for my pre-gail birds trade holds to come in. Anyways, check out the new chibistomb (2) and never leave your passwords in reach of children.

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