Two-Face: his own worst enemy

Lucky me, there's a Public Library just a walk away from campus. 

Even better, they have insane shelf room devoted to all things comic-related. I didn't even know what to borrow first!

All the same, I recently b(izz)orrowed Bizarro World volume 1, which is a sizable compilation of cartoonists taking on the DC Universe. Some of the stories are a little extended (7 pages), and some of them are just a single page:

At times, the hardcover is a deconstructionist look at the conventions of comic books; at others, it's just a plain fun story that couldn't be told in the DCU proper. The entire hardcover is a smashing read, but I couldn't possibly recommend it due to its price tag of 30 bucks.

I'm cheap like that.


Joyce said...

Haha! Ha! That's funny! Haha!

Kevin T. said...

Hm, should I laugh with you?

I know, I'll toss this coin!

oh oh oh, it's gonna come up tai--


hah! funny indeed!

Stats a-go-go