When you get right down to it. . .

. . . THIS is how superheroes should be!

I'd give you some context, but that'd be too long-winded. Note how Pixie drops her phone in the second panel, rejecting Dr. McCoy's advice and following her own wish -- to help the X-Men at her own risk.
Note how Nightcrawler shows us his faith both in himself and his teammates.

Scans from Uncanny X-Men #503. Despite the decompressed storytelling, it was not that bad. Still, I can't tell what Fraction is trying to do with Cyclops: is he trying to make Cyke out to be some exuberant hip young guy with an equally exuberant hip young Emma Frost? 'cause that kind of doesn't mesh with my past reading of him.

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Sea_of_Green said...

Just the idea of Cyclops being any sort of "hip" makes me cringe.

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