That one mystery comic shop

"Random Comic Shop, I know I never got your name, but if you're out there somewhere, please make yourself known. That little symbol is all I have of you, but I will advertise for you. Please appear on the blog!"
Do you remember this little appeal back in the summer, during Wizard World? I ran into their booth there, and the customer service was just fantastic, and the comic books felt so clean and fresh. They even double-bagged my stuff!

The sad part is, when I got to the blog, I realized I didn't get the booth's name. My only lead was the little symbol--

--but now! Now!

the mystery solved!
Curious? More tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

that's amazingly lucky...

Kevin T. said...

I know right?

But let's consider the fact that this is a Chicago-land comic shop, and both cons were themed around Chicago right?

Stats a-go-go