Serial for today: Supergirl/Robin team-up after-school special!

They are really pushing Blackest Night aren't they? One of the cashiers tried to get me to get it, "if I was looking for a dark comic;" the entire staff was wearing GL t-shirts, and my local shop even scored a visit from the inker of the first issue. All the geeks were talking to him too, albeit from a socially safe and non-threatening distance.

It was hilarious.

Superman/Batman #62

by Michael Green, Mike Johnson and Rafael Albuquerque

Do you remember the last time Rafael was on S/B? Man, that was awesome.

He brings it again this time, with a look back at The First Team-Up Ever between modern Robin (Tim Drake) and modern Supergirl (Kara Zor-El).Apparently, their first team-up was to stop an outbreak at Arkham, and they encounter all sorts of people, from Two-Face to Ivy and Killer Croc, etc. The best person they encounter though, is Mr. Zsasz. This is the Bat-villain who, whenever he murders someone, marks a tally by cutting himself. His body is riddled with tally marks, and he is one of the more twisted Bat-villains! His gimmick doesn't involve clowns, it doesn't involve plants or a penguin fetish -- he freakin' cuts himself.
That is insane.

It was really scary to see Robin and Supergirl (still new to Earth) encounter all the horror in Arkham, and even in themselves, but it's separated very nicely. It's a story that they're telling to each other as they're having lunch.


There's a "sneak preview" at the end, for Keith Giffen's upcoming Doom Patrol comic, which is a 3.99 comic that I actually plan on getting. The six pages were really hard to understand, because they dump all this info on you while the Doom Patrol is getting their Patrol on in some island, and it's really hard to keep up. Meh.

Mr. Rafael draws a MEAN Killer Croc! What a great comic. Amazing artist.
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