"Face it tigress. You just hit the jackpot!"

I am mighty tempted to get Marvel Divas this week for a number of reasons, not the least of which is this gem of a panel:

face it tigress. . .

YES! I couldn't say it better myself, stinky-unshaven-man-with-a-couple-flies-buzzing-around-him! I am totally all for taking classic lines from the 60s and ruining them, but I am NOT all for Marvel's current marketing ploy, which is a lot like "We've jacked up all our miniseries-es by one extra dollar without adding a single thing extra. . . let's see if the fanboys will notice!" So I will trade-wait the four-issue mini, if it turns out well.

For today, we are doing a couple Fantastic Four stories.


Fantastic Four: Isla de La Muerte! and Spider-Man and Human Torch: Bahia de Los Muertos!
by Tom Beland and Juan Doe

Generally, I really dig the Fantastic Four's concept: a family of imaginauts going on all kinds of wacky adventures. Particularly, though, it doesn't always work out, so I mostly limit myself to just getting Fantastic Four one-shots, and y'know what? It's worked well for me. Case in point, Tom Beland's foray into the F4, sending them to Puerto Rico for both business and pleasure.Beland makes use of the Four's powers in a new environment - I love it when they do that, emphasizes the four as a family together, and no one could draw this better than Juan Doe! His inks are smooth and sleek to look at, and he uses such simple lines to express the most complicated emotion. It's so unique!
I love it.

They also worked together on a sequel, focusing on Johnny Storm and ol' Webhead himself travelling to Puerto Rico, specifically the island of Vieques.

hombre arana

It sucked. Juan Doe can't draw Spidey, it featured waaaay too much preachy infodump and waaaay too little wacky adventure concepts. What a disappointment.

human torch janitor. CLEAN ON.
Yes Johnny. Let's get rid of this garbage.

Stats a-go-go