HOW SONGBIRD SPENT HER SUMMER: hangin' out with hobos!

Oh my! Is this the second week I'm not getting any weeklies? Geez. Oh well. At least this came in the mail today.

Thunderbolts #133

by Andy Diggle and Miguel Sepulveda

This issue had a totally rockin' cover, with Songbird rockin' her way and lunging at a two-gun-wielding Black Widow!
The inside didn't live up to the outside though. I guess it was bound to come, but this is one of those downtime issues, where the T-bolts don't have any missions to do at the moment. It's more like a build-up, explaining some character motivations, setting up some new mysteries (who's that guy in the mask?), and giving us a pretty furious cliffhanger (Nick Fury!).

Ant-Man (O'Grady)
All in all, when you get down to it, you can't have every issue be an extended fisticuff-explosion, so I'm really glad that Diggle uses this time instead to build up the tension between the T-Bolts. The great thing about these guys is that none of them like each other! And they're all jerks!

Next issue, I hope to see Songbird apply some of the lessons she learned as a hobo. She is probably the last vestige of the T-Bolts. . . when they were actually redeemable!

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