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Going to Wizard World Chicago, a lot of artists and writers get a little frustrated, because, well, they never get to see Chicago. The con. actually takes place in Rosemont, which is a whopping 20 miles north-northwest of the Windy City!

So some really smart guys started working on the dilemma, and they got a con. started in Lincoln Park, which is situated just 4 miles north of Chicago's downtown last week. Isn't that awesome?

view from the lobby

And for all of you Wondering Wilhelminas, that is how I discovered Darktower Comics.

This con was a lot smaller, and only really took up one space instead of WWC's multiple spaces.This led to less events that I could take pictures of, which was a bummer. There was a different feel too, because retailers try harder at advertising themselves. I got so many business cards!

This also means no swanky slideshow, which, eh, probably disappoints only me.
the tables

Unfortunately, small con also = small swag, but admission price was only 5 bucks compared to Wizard World's. . . whatwasit. . . 25 bucks a day! Can you believe it!

the center
The con wasn't as exciting as Wizard World (one person cosplayed, as opposed to Wizard's costume contest), but it was rather more about interacting with people.

That's what cons should be about I guess.

This would be a nice place to end the post, but I just wanna take the time to lament the fact that I can't take any pictures of my haul right now. It's at home in Chicago, and I'm here on campus.
I do, however, plan on showing pictures of something else. . .


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