Rated G for: "Gosh, the internet is creepy!"

Cassie over at chibistomb put up this blog rating deal-y, so I thought I'd join the fun myself:

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Let's get this out quickly: I really don't believe that this blog is G-rated. We have lego Batman, yes, but I'm pretty sure we've used some obscene terms here right? Like (whisper:)"s-e-x"? 
Regardless, that site is useful, because it tells you the basis on which it made the rating: I got a G-rating because the word "suck" was detected once (1x). The site doesn't say how deeply it went, but I guess that's what it detected.

On to comics! I didn't get too many this week. The latest issue of Guardians of the Galaxy came out some weeks ago (issue 6), but I don't know how much I care about it anymore, so I didn't get it. There's so much going on, that I don't really get to know anyone and, when you make Cosmo out as untrustworthy, you've already lost part of my attention. He's Cosmo, fer chrissakes!

So without further ado, let's review

Birds of Prey #123
by Tony Bedard and Michael O'Hare

Last issue hung on the cliff that Joker was about to approach Babs, but the follow-up here is a complete fake-out. Mr. J doesn't even recognize Barbara! It's not until the end of the issue that he remembers, and goes back to her for yet another cliffhanger.

A little needless if you ask me.

The rest of the issue is kind of what I've been waiting for this entire time: the buffing up of the Silicon Syndicate, because to me, they just seemed like a bunch of incredibly uninspired villains with really crappy codenames.

The idea is that each of them is the mastermind behind an internet phenomenon, which is a pretty cool concept, because the internet is very much ubiquitous these days right? An example would be the Caretaker, who controls "eBuy." He's obsessed with collecting Rare Stuff in Mint Condition, and he uses eBuy to find other like-minded people to forcefully place in his own little self-made neighborhood. And keep in mint condition.
It's really creepy. 

There's another creepy example with "Youspace," but this blog is apparently G-rated, so I'll stop there. For now, just know that everyone in the internet is trying to trick you. Except me, of course.

As for Michael O'Hare (the artist), well, I can't really endorse it. Sometimes the eyes are in the wrong position slightly, or something's in the wrong shape for the perspective.

Still waiting for something meaningful to happen, but by the end of this arc, I hope to be completely disillusioned about the usefulness and safety of the internet. 

That'd be so rad.


***Cass said...

That Joker pic. God, the dialouge is so golden-agey!

Sea_of_Green said...

I have no idea what my blog would be rated. I try to keep it at least PG, but you never know!

Kevin T. said...

It takes fifty-two cents-worth of stamps to mail a severed head to Gotham. Fifty-two. That's two more than fifty. You need the equivalent of weeks in a year worth of cents to mail a severed head to Gotham. Fifty-two.

sea, nuts to that website! I say your blog is totally NC-17. Any child would CLEARLY be traumatized by brushing their teeth!

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