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It is so annoying how people keep pushing the election here at campus. You can't really walk anywhere without someone asking you, "Are you registered to vote? Are you registered to vote?" It's actually pretty funny, because after you say yes, they just turn away from you without saying anything!

And then there are actually people who organize dinners, for the sole purpose of election-pushing! There was a barbecue back when it was still warm, and there are assorted booths selling food now!
The election is so ubiquitous; no matter how far I ran, or how long, I couldn't get away from it!

That said, you probably wanna get to reviewing comic books now. So do I!

Nova #18

by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Wellinton Alves

I told you about how hideous the cover is, right?

nova 18

The proportions in his costume aren't right, and what kind of face is that for Richard Rider, the man that saved the universe from Annihilus? Ugh, everything about the cover is just so. . . dirty, and ugly.

But --fortunately-- I can't say the same for the interior! The comic played out like a humongous action movie, with explosions and surprise appearances (and reappearances), and loud men yelling, and even more explosions.

loud men yelling

Amidst the Skrulls' siege on Project PEGASUS, Nova's sentient computer buddy - the Xandarian Worldmind - is back! He is so bad-ass that he helps dispatch the assault. It was so good to see Worldmind kickin' butt!

Worldmind deploying

At the end of the comic, we find out that Richard Rider isn't the last Nova anymore -- we see more Nova corps. Centurions! This is a nice status quo shake-up, but it could also lead to some inter-meshing with DC's Green Lantern Corps. How original can Abnett and Lanning make the Nova Corps. that they're distinct enough from the GL Corps? Who can say, but hey: the Worldmind is back!


Worldmind. . . it's kind of hard to admit this but, well, I feel like I need to say it to you, except, um, I need to say it--
-- in song:

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