A big thanks to Teddy Roosevelt

With the presidential debates upon us, we can sometimes forget about a candidate's positions and focus instead on the posture they present on television. We can sometimes view their image over their intelligence.

Now Howard's a pretty smart duck, but we all know that even intelligence isn't enough for the American Presidency. A candidate needs experience.

If we look at his resume, we won't be short at all. We'll find all sorts of life experiences, like "was possessed by the Spawn of Satan briefly," or "singelehandedly defeated a vampire cow in Cleveland," or even "read a comic book about ducks and subsequently complained about it."

But we sometimes forget that there's more to an experienced life than defeating vampire cows or devouring gigantic frankenstein gingerbread cookies. Sometimes you just gotta speak softly. . . .

Howard the Duck

. . . . and carry a big stick!

Howard the Duck

He's more than qualified, so get down America! 

Vote Howard for Prez in '08!

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